Our vision, mission, commitment and values

Our Vision:

Professionally Create, grow and expand Verdure’s presence & market reach to be among the leaders in serving and adding values to Middle East markets  with unique and niche high quality products, solutions, and services

Our Mission:

While leveraging on our culminating in-house expertise and those  of our international principals we represent;

  • We believe in adding value to our societies, on being an active doer to enhance market awareness and knowledge about the clinical benefits of our best-in-class, high value, high-quality products and services that we provide to Middle East healthcare, medical and nutrition markets
  • As a quality “data-driven” group of talents clustered around “positive-growth mindset” management drive, we strive with resilience against challenges and barriers; we look upon such as new opportunities.
  • We always keep focus & consistency on what we do with vigilance -towards possible enhancements- and are keen on knowledge buildup via iterative quality documentation

Our Commitment:

Taking our business seriously; listening and responding to our partners’ feedback & market pulse, doing our utmost to serve and Excel

Our Values:

Stemming from our deep roots in Middle East and its culture; we believe in ethical practices and code of conduct, in fairness, and in win-win scenarios

We believe that dearly sought-out “Trust and Confidence” can only be earned … by such practices

Medical Business Line

[Verdure Medical Supplies Trading LLC]

  • We facilitate via our comprehensive collaborative approach, a trusted, less risky and credible transparent solutions to our clients; those international principles who want to operate, start or expand to Middle East, by offering various business solutions either via:
  • Verdure’s incubation programs: tailor made programs that are modular and adaptable based on client’s requirements, or
  • Verdure’s normal sales distribution channels
  • We add value to healthcare market vibes and trends:
  • Introduce new nicheness in products we distribute or principles we incubate… leading to healthier competitive environment and higher added value products’ quality in Middle East
  • Positively contribute to markets’ talents force utilization; by funneling additional hired specialized experts who will be clustered to lead & take ownership of various scopes in each incubation program and VMS teams

Nutrition Business Line

[Verdure Nutrition Supplements Trading LLC]

  • We will always advice that breast feeding is the best nutrition a baby can get and will always continue to do so
  • We will promote and commercialize our unique, high value nutritional products and formulas that are healthy, trendy, safe, and Organic with 100% natural ingredients to satisfy market increasing demands
  • Via rigorous educational & marketing campaigns, we will proactively promote and enhance market awareness about our products’ clinical benefits, reduced side effects, safe consumption,  and quality nutritional lifestyle practices