Growth Incubation Unit

Verdure Medical Supplies Trading LLC [VMS]
Let us help you thrive…?

Based on culminating 30 years plus of professional expertise in Middle East regional healthcare markets, we offer our clients modular growth incubation packages as a comprehensive walk-through solution for starting or expanding their business to Middle East.
Since our solutions are based on fresh dynamic data acquisition and analysis, done by a dedicated talent for client’s own product line, clients will be able to make well-informed strategic & tactical decisions for their operations in Middle East and thus consider all options at hand to have a smooth landing with optimal results and before getting entangled in sub-optimal underperforming partners, or sink in high-risk low productivity setups!

Our clients are any international healthcare Manufacturers in possession of Niche portfolio with unique selling points [USPs], have CE and/or FDA certification, and who want  to start their operation in Middle East either via regional headquarter [RHQ], local distribution channel network, a mix of the two, and/or promotional offices….! 

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