About Us

Verdure Group official inception was in Sept 2020 in Business Bay – Dubai


Its unique concept is based on the assembly of highly accomplished founding members and assets, who posses well over 100 years of accumulated FTE in healthcare & nutrition experience in Middle East, and who are adamant and positively aligned to create, grow and expand Verdure’s presence & market reach with unique and niche high quality products, solutions, and services in Middle East markets


By leveraging on data driven scientific and systematic approaches, bundled with a plethora of culminating Middle Eastern expertise and knowledge in healthcare and nutritional arenas; Verdure’s auspicious roadmap targets to catalyze and enrich a sustainable growth to all stakeholders involved in its programs, via various embedded core concepts such as:

  • Ethical commercial transactions & code of conduct
  • Fair profit sharing based on weighted contributions
  • long term partnerships, and
  • Pragmatic win-win scenariosfor all!
VerdureMD is the Umbrella and Main Domain for:
  • Verdure Medical Supplies Trading LLC [VMS]
  • Verdure Nutrition Supplements Trading LLC [VNS]